I had all but lost faith in doctors. But, by giving you the opportunity, I gave myself a chance to become strong again. Your attitude toward me, as a patient, sets you apart from most doctors I’ve visited. My health seems of utmost importance to you and your expertise, in a broad range of study, compelling me to believe that the results I have experienced in your office in an amazingly short period of time, are a result of that expertise and your desire to heal.

Sylvia Robinson

You’re not just talking about Holistic Medicine. Dr.Richman is deeply into it and is a gifted practitioner. Dr. Richman is an artist and an inventor working with far more than just mere theory from a classroom or laboratory.

Matthew Fox

Three weeks into treatment my hips feel completely different, they are almost pain free. Last week I did not experience any pain while practicing. Formerly I was training in virtually constant pain, pinching nerves severely and sometimes not even being able to stand. Last week I was able to perform techniques that several weeks ago would have left me lying on the ground. Thank you.

Thomas Wiest